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What Others Are Saying:

"When a missionary is sent directly from his church without a mission board, there are many questions, particularly from the financial aspect. Bro. Henline not only gave us an entire day of personal instruction, but also has always been available for our questions. I am so thankful for his help."

Ben Anglea, Missionary to Madagascar

"Our board began some significant changes in procedures, enough to cause us to look at other options. Simultaneously, our home church was willing to be our sending agency and also willing to host Jerry Henline and Missions Logistics. The direction and confidence we all received as a result of his instruction has allowed us to go forward at full speed, knowing our "ducks are in a row" at home. I'm glad for the education we received and the friendship we've gained with Brother Henline - I wholeheartedly recommend and urge any church, of any size, to participate in world missions according to knowledge and confidence. Missions logistics provides both."

Missionary to Closed Country

"The information you provided concerning taxes, reporting, manuals, and connection with the home church have been tremendously helpful! Thank you for the homework you have done to make sure we are legally and morally upright before God and men. Thank you for the help that you have been to us."

Matt Allen, Papua New Guinea